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This year, the Italian Department of Finance of the Economy and Finance Ministry (MEF) published the statistics on the tax returns of individuals (personal income tax) related to the tax year 2013, just six months after the submission deadline: 30/09/2014 (here the press release) .

The data were released as open datasets, in the formats XLS, CSV and RDF.

Nordai this week decided to devote its #MondayMap to draw a map with the OpenData published by the MEF.

We have, therefore, taken the CSV issued by MEF and turned it into an interactive map in which the data for each municipality can be accessed through tablets and smartphones.

To characterize chromatically the map we extracted a value that is not contained in the CSV from the data released by the MEF: the average per capita income (obviously tied to the values ​​emerging from the statements) for each municipality.

Since the variable “Total income” – as indicated by the methodological notes published by the MEF – “is divided into income brackets”, to get the average per capita income of the City we ade a sum of the income related to each bracket, and then divided the total by the number of taxpayers of the City.

Source: MEF – Department of Finance


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