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For those of you who came across this map by chance and don’t know us, we are a young startup, with limited resources, which nonetheless strongly believes in open data; this is why started the pro-bono initiative #MondayMaps, and every Monday we either: 1) take a dataset we find on the web and show it on a simple and intuitive map for the benefit of the citizens, or 2) where no dataset exists, if we believe the data could be useful for the citizens, we make one and publish it as opendata.

Today, Nordai’s #MondayMap wants to be a tribute dedicated to Nobel Prize Laureates.

We made a dataset of the all-times Nobel Prize, we geotagged them and made a map, making each of them a P.O.I. according to the place of birth (we even created cool custom icons for every field). And because we like a healthy competition we also made a layer that we show underneath the P.O.I. which shows with varying color intensity which countries have had more total laureates.

In case you want to help us make this map even cooler, here at this link you find an editable document where you could help us fill the unique link to the official unique page of the nobel prize ( provided for every laureate and the link to the photo shown there. For instance this is Marie Curie’s Page link ( )



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