Maps at 360°


Urban Planning, Environmental Protection, Cultural Heritage, Turistic Info, Local Business, No Profit, Research Projects.



The interactive geographic atlas.

With GeoNue all the data related to your geographical information system, apps and services are available through a simple and intuitive interface.

Urban Planning

Plan, share, be part of it.

Create, manage and share territorial and urban development plans without a desktop GIS software. GeoNue tools and services allow you to present your projects in an innovative and simple way.


Historical Maps

Tell your citys story.

Bring historical maps and photos online and make them interactive with GeoNue.

GeoNue uMaps

Collaboration has never been so easy

With GeoNue uMaps Public and Private Amministrations will be able – in a simple and intuitive way – to create interactive maps and open them to contributions and suggestions from ordinary people.

POIs and routes

Share the Life of your local community.

With GeoNue you can plan touristic routes, instantly Geo Tag any POI, show your maps on your website or any other website.

Prevention and safety

Protect your environment.

With GeoNue you can design and share hydrogeological monitoring plan, Civil Protection and Emergency Planning and all information essential to prevent and manage emergencies, to protect and monitor the environment.


Experiments with GeoNue and Open Data

Research Projects

Give a new geographical dimension to your scientific projects.

Bring innovation to scientific storytelling in fields like law, economics, agronomy, archaeology.

Contact us if you have an idea and want to know if it is feasible or if you want to know more examples of the use of GeoNue!