Public funding for education

NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)


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Today with our #MondayMaps we try to stimulate discussion on a topic sadly still relevant for our country: youth unemployment. More in detail, drawing on the priceless archive of open datasets from ISTAT, we built and put side by side:

– A map that, on a regional basis, represents the percentage compared to the GDP of public spending on education and training (year 2012);

– A map, on a regional basis, that represents the phenomenon of NEET, which is the percentage of young people aged 15-29 Not in Education, Employment or Training; In other words the percentage of young people who have lost hope (year 2013);

The meaning which can be taken from this comparison are antithetical, depending on the chosen point of view (and the choice is not up to us: as we already mentioned, we just want to stimulate the debate and, if anything, give an analysis tool to those who want to grapple with this topic):
– Public spending on education and training is higher where there is greater need;
– Investment in public spending in poor areas is not producing great results.

As always you can find below the Open Geo Data distributed in CC BY according to the conditions as specified below.

Public funding for education

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